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…and another Bazaar Invite rejected

I love bazaars, especially the ones organized for homemade, handrafted and local produce. Though the products are a bit pricey, I am sure that every peso I pay goes directly to the family or group who made them, not to big time corporations.

I honor, salute and am inspired by homemakers, local farmers and independent hand crafters. They remind me everyday that we can still good food, high quality products without relying too much on factory-made products.

A few days ago, I had to reject another bazaar invite because of so many reasons. I have kids to consider and the preparation for a bazaar can be very toxic. The bazaar we joined in last year was successful but it was for a friend there were less problems. We didn’t worry about anything like tents or bring our roland amplifiers from guitar center, because everything was already prepared for us.

We will join bazaars in the future, not now as we’re not ready yet.

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Edible Prints Hallelujah!

‘Edible prints’ is a HUGE lifesaver to bakers like me! For someone who can’t afford the whole edible printing system, I am thankful for having reliable suppliers around.

Because of these prints, I no longer have to rack my brains and search the entire worldwide web for designs that are doable on cookies and cupcakes.

Here are samples of our creations using edible prints:

Baby Jake Cbeebies Cupcakes

Personalized Cupcakes in Cavite | Order Personalized Cupcakes Online

Winx Sugar Cookies | Order Winx Sugar Cookies Online

How I wish, though, that we have our own edible printing system so I can just purchase the web to print software from and print all day and night, but it’s not possible for now. It’s included in our future plans though :)

We say “NO” to Kinky Orders :)

PH Bakehouse remains wholesome, until our kids are able to FULLY understand the birds and the bees.

Kinky cakes and cupcakes are hot commodities and customers are willing to pay high prices (and even squeal!) just for these goodies so why ditch each and every kinky order received?

Because we are homebased and we have two minors at home watching us, as we work on our cakes. They are our Number 1 critics when it comes to designs. We just can’t corrupt their innocent minds for how much? $50 worth of cake. Thanks but no thanks.

Sure we did a few sexy ones, even an Exotic Lingerie for a friend’s bridal shower, but nothing too vulgar. We value our kids (and what they see) more than anything. Besides, they are the reason why we are baking and caking, right?


The Portable Piano and the Two Guitars

My kids are darn lucky! Aside from having wonderful parents (ehem!) and extended family, they have titas and titos who are generous enough to give them the things that they really, really need (okay, fine, sometimes their WANTS are also given haha!)

Yesterday, my friend Leah gave them a portable piano and two guitars! Imagine that?

These instruments are all helpful because the kids and their Dada are all music lovers! The instruments are also in pristine condition and came with respective cases so we no longer have to buy new SKB Cases! Lucky kids and parents indeed!

To God be the glory!

The Gratification That Comes With Being Cisco Certified

Professionals that hold active Cisco certifications are looked upon as masters of their field in the IT industry who possess the skills and knowledge to manage some of today’s most complex network systems. Applicants to jobs who have these certifications are generally moved to the top of the pile as these are the individuals that employers want to see. It is not an easy task to pass a Cisco certification exam and it’s recommended that you take a training course so that you can pass these exams with flying colors. Utilize all resources when preparing for your certification, even sites online like ExamTrace, which features all of the information you need to pass your exam.

The Cisco Academy was founded in 1993 as a way for Cisco to train their networking employees to be as knowledgeable and skilled with Cisco routers as possible. The training courses offered by the Academy are very stringent and rigorous. Their mission is to produce the world’s leading networking professionals in the business. Having the chance to be certified by Cisco will not only improve your self confidence but it will lend you a sense of accomplishment and gratification that you pushed yourself to accomplish your educational and professional goals. The extra recognition and larger paychecks won’t hurt either.

The School Project

My daughter’s music teacher required her to reseach about different kinds of musical instruments. The deadline was today so she researched for several kinds of musical instruments for her report.

Included in her report were harp, piano, guitar (if you want to buy upright electric bass at guitar center, check out their site for great online buys!), cello and drums.

We printed several of the instruments and pasted it on a red folder. Now I wonder what their teacher will do with it. Hmmm…

PH Bakehouse’s Tarpaulin

My sister made this pretty tarpaulin for PH Bakehouse’s bazaar yesterday. Too bad I forgot to have it printed :(


Isn’t it gorgeous? This reflects my own personality, kikay yet fierce! I will just have this printed locally but for the smaller prints, I am sourcing reliable online wholesale printing for economic reasons. Any help?  I need printing companies who will offer services for business cards, bulk mini tarpaulins, etc.

A Successful Bazaar at the 1st Team Kovu Dog Sports Cup

My BFF Gertee urged me to join a mini bazaar at the 1st Team Kovu Dog Sports Cup a month ago, I said YES! and I am so glad that I did!

The dog sport cup was held yesterday in EVIA Football field in Daang Hari and it was a blast!

Brought 23 boxes cupcakes, all got sold!


I hope next time though, I’d be ready. I didn’t have any tarpaulin or signage with me, only business cards. I even forgot my cupcake stand geez! Hopefully I could join an indoor bazaar next time so I can use my wooden cupcake stand made from unfinished wood cutouts :)

Here was the inpiration:

Cupcakes stand

Isn’t it lovely?

Hagerty Silver Polish at wwbw

Got silver? Then perhaps the hagerty silver polish at wwbw is your best friend!

The world’s leading silver polish is also the most versatile. This gentle lotion easily cleans, polishes, protects, and maintains the patina of your finest silver and gold. Contains R-22, the world’s longest lasting tarnish preventive agent


Formulated for sterling and silverplate, this lotion can be used to clean any silver object, even those with porous materials that cannot be rinsed such as wood handles or felt bottoms. Keep silver sparkling longer by dusting regularly with Hagerty Silversmiths’ Gloves.


Use this polish at the sink or at the display case after cleaning your silver with Hagerty Silver Foam. Simply apply, let dry and then rinse. Or, for items with porous materials that cannot be rinsed, buff lotion away with a soft, dry cloth.

Bose Companion 5

Yes! So happy to know that there are second-hand bose companion 5 here in the Philippines! My husband has been looking for one but finds all online prices too steep for his budget.

Bose’s Companion 5 speakers are great for those who want more from their DVD audio but lack the space for a true surround-sound setup.

Bose is a familiar brand that most people associate with high-end audio, but true sound snobs would roll their eyes at this notion. That’s because not only is Bose equipment’s sound quality not up to audiophile standards, but one could buy something that does meet these stringent requirements for the same price or, often, for less. So why do many think of Bose as high-end? In my view, it is a combination of two factors: First, the Bose product line has always been marketed to folks who like to buy booming premium speakers. And those people (or their spouses, perhaps) also want to squeeze all that sound into as little shelf space as possible, have few wires, and have components that look as much a part of the furniture as possible. This approach sells. Therefore, Bose can charge a lot for it—in fact, itmust, in order to get across the idea that its product is a luxury item.


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