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Goldilocks Pulled Pork for the On-the-Go You!

For people on the go, quick snacks don’t get any better than this:

Goldilocks Pulled Pork


The Goldilocks Pulled Pork Wrap, which is the latest addition to their Foodshop’s bestselling Salad Wrap Line. A healthy meal made from crisp cucumber, carrots and turnip strips with pulled pork, egg and cheese, and drizzled with either Salad Wrap Sauce or Spicy Sauce, this new and exciting take on the traditional lumpia will leave you wanting more.

And as part of this month’s ongoing Buena Mano Mondays promo, every order of Goldilocks Pulled Pork Wrap comes with a free 12 oz. glass of Pineapple Juice every Monday.

Visit your nearest Goldilocks outlet or call 888-1-999 Go-Delivery before wrapping up your day.

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  1. Arron Webster
    June 18, 2013 at 1:56 am (10 months ago)

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